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Change fuels natural selection. Now, evolution pushes us to become pixels of a screen to another.

Behind the bushes and darkness lurk the displays we are yet to witness. We venture through the digital jungle to hunt for truth and information. But when the prey is unfamiliar, the attack is almost hesitant. But uncertainty does not resolve with the balance of nature. We need tools and advancements to keep us alive.

The towering trees remain to block the heat and light. A constant that remained after all the challenger of the threshold. But when the apple falls, the ground begins to shake. The littlest of creatures secure their territories and wolves begin to howl.

In the jungle, you have to keep your restless eyes open. Otherwise, your reflection would be staring at its victim.

Amidst the glitch in the system, the Explorer confronts the wild and the changes with a ready mind.

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The Pisay Explorer is the official student publication in English of the Philippine Science High School – Cagayan Valley Campus.

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