Star student reaches for the galaxy

Edrian Liao shares his journey to Duke and his goal of becoming an Aerospace Engineer.

Edrian Liao shared his journey to Duke and his goal of becoming an Aerospace Engineer.

Edrian Paul Liao, an upcoming graduate of PSHS-CVC and soon-to-be Duke University freshman in Durham, North Carolina advised scholars who want to apply to international schools to “shoot your shot and try your best”, describing the whole process of his college applications and his experiences along the way of finding his career as an Aerospace Engineer.

Liao pointed out many monumental experiences that have led him to secure a spot in Duke, one of which was his determination to  become an Aerospace Engineer, considering his admiration of space during his experiences in Pisay.

“Aerospace Engineering wasn’t my first choice, I was then considering Medicine but I had no interests that aligned with that career, then I interned in La Salle and I knew that Engineering was for me. At that time there were news on the Philippine Space Agency, so that’s when I learned about aerospace engineering, ” Liao described during the interview on February 18.

He also stated that scholars should align their careers to their interests and skills so that it will be easier to find schools, as well as courses, that fully apply to them.

“When I was researching schools, I didn’t come across Duke at first but through my network of mentors and other students, I saw that Duke is not only for holistic students but for students who have different passions and that’s when I knew I could fit in,” Liao said.

During applications Liao stated that it was hard juggling his academics, his organization The πoneers as well as his health considering he got sick two times, but he knew that he could depend on his support system of friends, family and mentors that helped him achieve his place on Duke.

“Imagine hearing Filipinos who are already studying in the States, who have already made it that far commending you and cheering you on, it just inspired me to continue pursuing this career and this school,” Liao expressed.

His advice for scholars who want to get accepted into international schools: “Never give up on your dreams and even in the face of failure, you still have something to be proud of, and that is the changes and challenges you overcame in trying your best. Then after that, come back with a plan and with more experiences.”

The Duke Scholarship entitles Liao to a $75000 (3.6 million pesos) tuition fee including allowances for food, housing and other living expenses as he continues to pursue his education in the United States.

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