New Lead in the New Normal

It’s the underrepresentation for me.

It’s the underrepresentation for me.

The PSHS System conformed to a well-planned defense for the academic year entirely different from its beginnings to pursue quality education despite the pandemic but some things just never go the way they were planned.

After the first quarter of AY 2020-2021, the student body of the entire PSHS system flooded their social media accounts with expressions of their struggles about the workload and stress stimulated by online learning through viral hashtag – #PisayGiveUsABreak. This has been the resort of most campuses as the students do not have or know a proper platform and representation to voice out their opinions and to request appropriate policy revisions.

Clubs have not been enforced this year due to the circumstances brought by the pandemic depriving its purpose; however, the viral hashtag emphasized the need of the student body of student representation – an official roster who can voice out for those who are muted.

All it takes is initiative.

The administration cannot provide if they do not know what to provide. The student government serves as a middle ground for the scholars to mouth their concerns and for the administration to determine the needs of students for optimum results in all aspects – academically, mentally, and socially. The Supreme Student Government or SSG determines the problems and initiates programs and solutions directly benefiting the scholars. It operates as a channel for communication between the two parties. It is composed of and for the student body.

The unwanted enemy yet again plots another dilemma for the SSG as it blocks face-to-face communication within the committee and throughout the whole school which complicates its processes and projects. Nevertheless, no problem can never be unsolved. 

The new normal requires new strategies for leadership. A new set of capable navigators are now traversing vast and complicated waves, and they are in need of your help. They require the support of scholars whom they ought to cater and be one with them in their mission.

Are you in for the ride?

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