Where would you be right now if there was no pandemic?

Where would you be right now if there was no pandemic? Some would say, with their friends outside, some with their roommates at the dorm, and some with family. Yet right now, we are isolated in our own rooms, uneasy, empty, despite being at home. 

The Covid-19 Pandemic has shaken society since the past year. We never knew how serious the virus was, until it left us shocked about what it could do. It managed to close businesses, stop education, and damage people’s health altogether. The pandemic has caused damage to our well-being, without being infected by the virus itself. 

The school year started in the month of September, six months within the quarantine period. The government mandated that education must continue, and it did, through online learning. But this also had its fair share of problems.  The added stress from the pandemic and the increasing workloads caught us completely off guard.

Initially, the system gave the same number of requirements to be done online as if we are in a face-to-face environment. Here’s why that’s quite difficult for most of us. Every subject would require a set number of modules to be done every week. These modules whose tasks almost reach 10-20 per subject would have to interfere with the student’s personal schedule at home. This would not be the case in a face-to-face setting since these would be done in school instead. 

A person could only handle so much stress that our normal reaction to this would be to break down easily. The pandemic and subsequent quarantines managed to break what little we have built in terms of stability, back when we were still face-to-face. The virus isolated us, and it forced us to traverse alone, and for some, for the first time. 

Humans are a social species. Being on lockdown for the past months has left us isolated from any physical social interaction. The pandemic made most of us afraid of what’s to come. Most of us coped by keeping in touch through calls or messages. We needed comforting words and assurance that we were not alone and we could surpass these unfortunate times.

Through the advent of social media, the system heeded to our plight of getting a break. They provided mental health seminars and surveys that aimed to ease our struggle and motivate us to carry on. A motivational message isn’t just enough. We need one-on-one checkups and consultation with people we can actually trust. Most need people to talk to, and share our struggles with. Most need help.  

No struggle is invalid. All of us are currently struggling, whether because of the pandemic or personal issues, or even both. All of us are facing some kind of dilemma nowadays. And all we can do is hope. Hope and pray that this pandemic will soon be finally over, and we’ll be able to see and be with each other, physically and socially.  

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